Excalibur standalone

Excalibur is a software package for structured expert judgement elicitation using Cooke’s Classical Model. It is an old, but fully functioning application which was originally developed by the Technical University of Delft and is now minimally maintained by Lighttwist Software.

Excalibur is free to use by both academic and commercial organisations. Send an email to dan [at] lighttwist-software [dot] com to acquire the latest version.

ExcaliburEngine library

The ExcaliburEngine COM library is an object oriented, language-independent library which is currently under development and which will provide the functionality currently available in Excalibur, plus additional features. The codebase is young and we are currently looking for sponsorhip to accelerate development.

The library can be used from a wide variety of programming languages: C++, C#, VB.net, Delphi, Matlab, R, Octave and VBA (as used by e.g. Excel) are a few examples.