Uninet standalone

Uninet is a standalone uncertainty analysis software package. Its main focus is dependence modelling for high dimensional distributions. Random variables can be coupled using Bayesian networks, vine-copula constructions or dependence trees.

Read the Uninet help file describing the software in detail: UninetHelp.pdf (1.4 MB)

Visit the licensing page for details about the Uninet and UninetEngine licences and to find out how to acquire the latest versions.

UninetEngine library

Besides the Uninet application and its GUI, the functional core library UninetEngine can be used directly. The UninetEngine COM library is an extensive, object oriented, language-independent library containing over 70 classes with over 500 methods (functions).

The library can be used from a wide variety of programming languages: C++, C#, VB.net, Delphi, Matlab, R, Octave and VBA (as used by e.g. Excel) are a few languages in which frameworks using UninetEngine have been or are being written.

Several extra facilities are accessible through the programmatic interface, such as different samplers (e.g. the extremely fast pure memory sampler) and different ways of quantifying a Bayesnet (e.g. the arc correlations can be specified via a correlation matrix).

Uninet in publications

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Uninet used by other software

FROST (Fire Regime Operations Simulation Tool)   New York Times
The Bayesian Networks in FROST (whose lead developer is Dan Ababei) are implemented using the UninetEngine library

Uninet screenshots

Model the meaning of life

Work with very large models – thousands of nodes

Random variables view – specify input random variables for your model and assign distributions

Bayesnet view – build your model with probabilistic nodes, functional nodes and arcs

Specify (conditional) rank correlation coefficients on the arcs, and formulas for functional nodes

Sample the model and view results

Perform analytical conditioning

Vine view – Sophisticated dependence modelling with regular vines

Explore multivariate joint distributions with Unigraph

Carry out sensitivity analysis with Unisens

And many more features to discover!